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Thread: need some advice

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    As a parent of a child with SCI. I have mixed feelings about this. Your parents were there and supported you through terrible times. They would have incurred finanical problems because of this. However the settlement was calculated to cover your medical bills into your old age and that is what it is for, it is not to support them for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately when someone has been receiving a level of income for some time they become dependant on this revenue stream and perhaps have not made other financial arrangements. Also they could see you wife as the cause of the financial change.

    Is there a mediation service you can use, as going to a lawyer seems very aggressive and you want to have a relationship with you parents after all of this. Please bear in mind that the financial costs of SCI are only going to increase as you get older and this money is meant to ensure your health and financial / living independance - that is what I would want for my son.

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    I just hope your wife doesn't spend all your money in a foolish kind of way. I'm sorry I don't care how much I'm in love I would never trust a spouse. For me I love my parents more than anything else in this world, And I would definitely want to see them happy and taken care of. Strange, but I believe there's Two sides to every story
    Good luck

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