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Thread: need some advice

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    Question need some advice

    Hi, I'm needing some advise and just to have an ear as I don't
    have anyone close to talk to about this.

    When I was 16 back in 1985 I was working under a truck and had a
    jack failure resulting in a C4 incomplete injury. My parents had
    blue collar jobs, my mom had to quick to help take care of me.
    For about 2 years they struggled by with little help from the
    state, they almost had to get divorced just so we could get

    Well about that we hired a lawyer to sue the jack company, and
    after about a year I got a settlement. My parents didn't want
    to sue on their own, for pain & suffering, taxes and lawyer fees
    and asked me if they could get a portion of mine and of course I
    said yes. For about the first 12 years they were getting 30% a
    month, and since then it's been 15%. I cut in half after my dad
    did something pretty bad to my wife out of spite because of
    something stupid she did.

    Well everything was fine for several years, I moved out of their
    house and into my own. I met my (my current wife) and of course
    my mom's 1st reaction wasn't good, the first thing she said when
    she*met her was "better sign a prenup.". Mom though it was
    money related, but it wasn't. My wife just fell in love with me
    at first site. All I had in my house was 2 recliners, coffee
    table, and waterbed and a crappy TV.

    When we decided to get married, my wife went down to my parents
    to talk with my mom to tell her we were going to get married,
    the first thing she said was "Don't take away our money.".
    Nothing like congratulations, or anything welcoming. There is
    always been a disconnect between them.

    When I got my settlement, we went in halves on 110 acres and
    built the cabin, which my dad has retired to. My mom still lives
    in their house and goes up there on the weekends, they are still
    happily married. They don't ever call or come by and visit, even
    though I've been pretty much been down for six months. They talk
    to me fine whenever I call like nothing is wrong. Even though I
    own half of the cabin, I have to sleep in the living room when I
    take my mattress because it's the only room with TV in it. But
    now I can't afford it to keep paying every month, and I feel
    real crappy about it. Even though they get to travel and do
    everything that wanted to do, have two houses, etc. I still feel
    like I'm putting them out. I'm basically putting their feelings
    ahead of my own wife's because of some bad things that has
    happened related to the first time I took it away.

    So my main questions are 1) how do I begin to have that
    conversation about stopping it? I would give them about a year
    to prepare. And more importantly 2) should parents benefit,
    accept monies from the child's injury?

    Thanks for listening
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    C4 incomplete since 1985

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