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    Belly Bags

    I'm nervous as I have heard that they have been taken off the market for 90 days,and its all I use,hope this gets fixed.I depend on them

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    Dannyiel, You are correct these are currently on a rolling manufacturer back order. There are a few suppliers that still have some left on the shelf, but they are going fast. The unfortunate thing is all suppliers that still have some in stock are really jacking up the price almost double because of supply and demand. Sincerely Nick Independent Medical

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    Belly Bags

    I want to give everyone a heads up who uses the Belly Bag from Rusch. I got a call from the Visiting Nure telling me the company no longer is manufacturing the Belly Bag. I was so upset I called the manufacturer. I want to tell you they have NOT discontinued them. It turns out they are on back order because the PACKAGING was discontinued, NOT the product. They have had to go to a new packaging, but becuse it is a sterile product, it has to go through some testing and paperwork. This is being done as we speak and things should be up and running by March or April. Apparently this misinformation has been a problem, as the uro nurse wanted to know the name of the distributor so she could inform them as soon as possable.

    So if your distributor is telling you that it is discontinued, tell them it is is on BACK ORDER. You WILL be able to get the product again soon. So, hang in there, and let others know all is OK, you will have your Belly Bags again. they have NOT been discontinued!
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    I use Belly Bags and there is some real misinfomation that distributers have been spreading. They are NOT being taken off the market at all. The PACKAGING is what is being taken off the market. I was told the same thing and called the manufacturer and was ready to do battle, and was referred to their uro nurse. She told me it was the packaging and wanted to know the name of the distributer. They are having packaging issues which are being resovolved. They have a new packaging company, but because it is a sterile product they have to run some testing and do paperwork, so they will be back up and on the shelves again by March or April.

    So, if you could, call Rusch at 1-800-334-4475 and ask for Kathy Repetto. She is their uro nurse. Tell her the name of your distributer and their phone number, so she can call and inform them of the right information.

    I put up a post on this earlier before I schrolled down so this might sound like a repeat.
    Disability is not a medical problem with social issues, but rather a social problem with medical issues.
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    Any news on the Bellybag? It does not seem to be available anywhere.
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