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Thread: Quads who are not working - how do you spend your time?

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    Quads who are not working - how do you spend your time?

    Got interested, how do you quads (not working nor schooling) spend your days? How do you keep yourselves from not going crazy?

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    Some weeks I go crazy. But I'm responsible for a lot of house stuff like bills. I try and speak at schools and such as much as I can. And then at night my husband comes home so we go out a lot. Winter is the worse though because I can barely stand to leave my house. So cozy in front of my tower heater.

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    Rachel - our days seem similar.

    Though I'd like to work, things haven't worked out in that department. Most days I wake up, take some pills to calm my muscle spasms, have coffee in bed while I read the day's NY Times online. I get up with help around noon, have lunch and watch a few political shows. The warm weather months are better because I head outside with my dog to read a good book.
    So yes...sometimes I'm bored & get frustrated with the way my life is...then again, things could always be worse.
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    My days are super boring. I'm always in bed. TV, DVDs, music and games on phone keep me busy. I'm up in my chair every other morning for about two hours then back in bed I go for the rest of the sucks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by creeper619 View Post
    My days are super boring. I'm always in bed. TV, DVDs, music and games on phone keep me busy. I'm up in my chair every other morning for about two hours then back in bed I go for the rest of the sucks.
    damn bro thats horrible. Thats not good either. Why soo much time in bed?
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    Would it be possible to take some online college courses? If you can't drive could you use para transit to get out of the house. I know we get used to our comfort zone, I do too. I'm taking a special education course and I have to observe a spec-ed class as an artifact (assignement). I had planned to do my observation at a school that was closest to my house and I knew the staff. The school wasn't on the list to choose from, so I was going to complain to my instructor. My bf told me I should do the observation at a new school, just to meet new different people. He said I need to get out of my comfort zone and he's right. Just don't sit idle.
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    Everybody needs a reason to get out of bed every day (and for significant periods of time) unless there is a medical reason you need to be on bedrest.

    If you are not working or going to school, why not?? Have you looked into volunteering, wheelchair sports, or other activities that can give you a reason to not only get out of bed, but get out of the house every day??


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    I'm not a quad but I haven't worked since August 2010 due to stage 4 pressure sore and flap surgery. All is healed now! My husband and I decided that being a full time active house wife would be beneficial. This what my typical day looks like.

    530a- my husband and I do 45 minutes of cardio workout together.
    615a make breakfast and a healthy lunch for my husband to take to work.
    700a- husband leaves and I usually surf the web for healthy recipes for dinner, health websites, pay bills, research things to make in my craft room ect.
    900a- strength training with hand weights for 30 minutes
    Mid morning I do laundry, ironing, shower, grocery store, run errands ect
    After lunch i lay down and get off my butt and watch Tv for 1-2 hours.
    200p- workout my back fat with lat pull downs and such
    230- walk the dog or play fetch to keep them active as well as myself. They are super old and need exercise.
    300p- start prepping dinner
    330p- take care of left over chores or to do stuff
    430. Get off my butt again
    530p- cook dinners at, clean kitchen
    630p- usually practice a self defense video with my husband. It's based on street fighting and we have a lot of fun with it.
    730p-9p- watch some TV together
    Bed time

    Somedays I help my husband with odd jobs like booking reservations, typing stuff up, researching things for his work. I also cook and take food to the towns senior lunch on Thursdays at our local community center. The seniors seem to enjoy having me there and it's usually fun. I also shop, get a pedicure, hair, dogs to the vet, shooting range practice. Anything to keep moving and have purpose in the day.

    Weekend- we play hard, drink hard, and enjoy every moment. Mostly ride back roads and trails on our Yamaha rhino, take motorcycle rides in the day, have a date night, entertain friends, travel to see family, yard work, camping. Always a good time on the weekends.

    I love having the opportunity to stay home and try to make myself as useful and focused on my health as possible. Never want to encounter another flap surgery or health issue again. These last few years have been the best part of my life so far.
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    i highly recommend coursera or MIT's free online classes to keep the mind active
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    Just received a catalogue today: 800-832-2412
    Lots of great subjects to choose from and fairly reasonably priced. Personally, I'm going for "The Everyday Guide to Wine". ;-)

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