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Thread: Problem with KAFO braces

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    Problem with KAFO braces

    So today was my first time ever standing in KAFO braces. And I have crazy spasms. So when my therapist is putting the braces on my spasms are going crazy causing my foot to keep coming out of my shoe. I was wondering if anyone knew of a solution to stop this from happening. And please don't recommend me going on baclofen because its not going to happen and doesn't work for me anyways.

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    a lot of stretching to warm up your muscles.
    Baclofen doesn't work well for me. it affects my blood sugar. I couldnt get my foot in a shoe while having spasms. can you sit with you feet on the floor and have your therapist hold your foot down once it is in the shoe?, then with the other hand pull over the velcro straps. the lower strap should be already fed into the keeper, and hanging loose. when you get your foot through, snug up the velcro as the therapist holds your foot flat on the floor while in your shoe.

    I had to get shoes too big for me at first, put the maffo's on then put the shoe on. that won't work well with high top shoes though.

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    are you noticing is it cold in where you are getting therapy?
    if so bring a fleece throw and make sure you are warm and then you have to get stretched. is it spasm or clonus? is you feet and legs just pulling against you, or are your legs jumping around?

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    Good suggestions because I definitely haven't been stretching.

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    My leg is literally pulling back

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