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Thread: Hello, Need Some Advice

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    Hello, Need Some Advice

    Hello, I just joined your site, in the hopes I may find some advice or a solution to my situation.
    I am currently a live-in caregiver; have been at this job since October 2012. My client is an 86 year old woman who had a stroke going on 6 years ago. Her daughter is the one who hired me. During my interview I quoted her a figure, long story short, I agreed to work for a lower salary only until the woman's Medicaid came thru. I met with a Medicaid social worker, I was approved thru Med to work via them so that the family would not have to pay me out of pocket. Unfortunately, my client's Medicaid was denied, apparently because she has a $10,000 life insurance policy.
    I was never told by my employer about the Medicaid being denied, I found out by accident thru her granddaughter who just assumed I knew.
    I have asked 3 separate times for the social worker's number because I would like to find out where to go to browse other available jobs. My employer won't give me the number.
    The hours are getting longer, about 13-15 hours a day, and my employer won't agree to shorten them. When I was hired, I was told I'd be working 12 hours a day, and I'm fine with that.
    I've tried to speak with her but it's really almost pointless; she doesn't really want to listen, and then gets very passive-aggressive and basically makes life rather miserable.
    My client has a visiting nurse once or twice a week, and she has observed several issues as well. My employer doesn't really want the visiting nurse around, etc.
    My client is wheelchair bound, cannot walk on her own, nor can she speak very well, and seems to be in pain a lot of the time. I bring up the pain to her daughter, my employer, and she just keeps pushing the holistic, organic routine. My poor client has pressure sores that just aren't going to heal, I'm afraid, and I know that's the main source of her pain.
    Meanwhile, I am exhausted, frustrated because I'm not really being listened to, etc.
    I truly have a love for this field, but I've never been in this situation before and I'm not quite sure how to deal with it anymore. I'd appreciate your advice. Thank you!!!

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    I think you need to do the following:

    1. Give notice that you are quitting unless you get the answers to your questions from the daughter (give her a short deadline). Follow through if you don't get the answers and support you were promised. I assume you did not complete a written employment agreement or contract with your employer???? Next time, do that.

    2. Contact Adult Protective Services in your county and make a report about what appears to be bordering on neglect by the daughter. The visiting nurse really should have done this, but you can do it too. They will investigate whether or not legal neglect is going on. You making the report will help to make it clear to the investigators that you are trying to provide the care needed but have been prevented by the daughter.

    3. Contact your local Independent Living Center and see if they keep a list of people looking for employment as personal care attendants. Get yourself on the list. You may also look at on-line places like Craig's List or ads in the Penny Saver or Reader for personal care attendant jobs.


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    Thank you for your reply. I plan on speaking with my employer tonight and doing just what you'd said. The nurse comes tomorrow and I will discuss this with her as well. To be honest, I truly believe my client needs nursing facility care; not that I believe that's always the proper choice, but in this case, I do, but her daughter is exhibiting the ultimate in selfishness by keeping her at home where it's easier to blame me and others for her mother's condition. Thank you again.

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    Sounds like the daughter may be hoping to be beneficiary of the life insurance. There is no reason to keep a $10K cash value life insurance policy at that age.

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