This is the Discussion Thread for This Chair in The CareCure CAD Repository

Although I have already posted two other TR3's, this chair is actually the first TR3 that a colleague and I spec'd. It is for an experienced user with a low level injury who had a pretty specific idea what he wanted in his new chair. If it were not for our request to include the OFL in the first CAD drawing, it wouldn't have been close to what he had in mind (I discuss this in greater detail in my repository post).

The Specs...

Tilite TR Series 3
15" Seat Width
17" Seat Depth
18.5 Custom Frame Depth
Occupied Frame Length (OFL): 25.4"
Overall Width: 20.8"
80 Degree Front Angle
19" Front Seat Height
17.5" Rear Seat Height
17" Seat To Footrest Height
4" Front Frame Taper
9" Footrest Width
DU100057 Custom Adjustable Height Fixed Backrest
10.5-14.5" Set @ 13"
6.5" Custom Ht Rigidizer Bar
Non-folding Back
88 Degree Fixed Back
3.5" Center Of Gravity
.75" Rear Wheel Spacing
0 Degree Camber
4" Perf Billet Aluminum w/ Poly Tire
Slipstream Fork w/ Titanium Stems
25" Golz Twin-star Exchange Wheels w/ Schwalbe Speedrun Tires
Short Tab Titanium Handrims
Tension Adjustable By Straps Back Upholstery
G10 Solid Seat
Rigid Removable Standard Carbon Fiber Side Guards

Due to the inset design of the TR3's lower frame rail, lack of camber, Golz TwinStar hubs, and short tab hand rims,the overall width of the TR3 is only about 5 3/4" wider than the seat width--making it one of the narrowest chairs we've ever spec'd.

The backrest of this TR3 is notable for a few reasons. It is the first TR3 we've spec'd with a fixed back. While the user was fairly confident about the back angle, he had some uncertainty about the back height (It was unknown if the low back height on his current chair may have been contributing to back discomfort). To provide a range of back height adjustment, we spec'd the TR with a Custom Adjustable Height Fixed Backrest (Designs Unlimited Special DU100057)..

This user loads the whole chair into the back of his minivan in one smooth motion without removing the wheel. To make this task easier, we spec'd the height of the curved rigidizer bar to be exactly 6.5" (instead of 5.0"). While this may seem like a minor detail, he reported having it placed there made a significant difference when picking up the TR.

Surprisingly, the complete weight of the TR3 is about a pound more than his Terminator. This is likely because of the solid seat pan and slightly longer frame length. Weight isn't everything, however, and this TR3 user reported that it was not only easier to load into his vehicle, it was more efficient to push, and provided better postural support. The fact that weight isn't everything doesn't come as a surprise to many of us.