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Thread: I think my uti has gone away by itself, am i being fooled?

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    Exclamation I think my uti has gone away by itself, am i being fooled?

    About 6-7 weeks ago I got a UTI, it was extremely painful I went to the doctor and they gave me antibiotics to take. I had waited a few days before going to the doctor and I was taking over the counter pain deliver for UTI's. By the time i had gotten the antibiotics my symptoms were completely gone but I still took the antibiotics just in case. Then about a week and a half ago i think I got another UTI but I didn't want to go to the doctor because I didn't want my mom to know. I took cranberry pills and over the counter pain reliever and the pain went away completely after a few days. I had sex with my boyfriend two days ago and I haven't felt anything until this morning, it feels like I have symptoms again. Can I wait and try with just the cranberry pills and pain reliver? I know that all the sites i have checked say that its best to see a doctor but that really needs to be my last and final option. Is it really impossible for a UTI to go away on its own?

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    If you're spinal cord injured, it's not unusual to display symptoms of a uti before your period is due. Once it starts, urine looks crystal clear.

    Still happens to me even though I've had a partial hysterectomy. Good luck.
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    you can always try this at first sympyoms and yes may abate it. you still have organisms- colonization- but only treatedif symptomatic .

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