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Thread: ZRA series 2 problems

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    Recognizing that finding anyone's ideal seating set up (which is almost always comes up short of ideal) is a slow act of discovery, I used Josh as an example simply to illustrate that one of BTB's first lines of attack would be examine the amount of dump he's got in this chair and that BTB would likely need to increase his. I never meant to suggest that Josh's seating posture was "a good goal to have" -- though for some it might be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stephen212 View Post
    My first impression is that your seat dump looks to be on the shallow side. What are your current front and rear seat height measurements? Have you ever tried more dump? I think if you lowered you rear seat height (can you lower the casters, which raises the front seat height?), brought the seat angle closer to horizontal, and relaxed your calf strap so that you can tuck your feet under more, you would feel more stable.
    Agreed. In addition, I'd raise your foot plate some too, not much (maybe a inch), but enough so your legs aren't effectively pulling you forward in the seat. That calf strap is a problem though. I'd get rid of it entirely to play with positioning your feet, and then put it back if you really need/want the added safety it provides.

    Quote Originally Posted by SCI_OTR View Post
    The ActaBack is also a problem, not only is it currently mounted behind the back canes, it appears to be too tall for you to be able to get your pelvis back in the seat once the seat dump is adjusted. It needs to be moved up higher, but there will be a problem with the top half of it pushing you forward if it moved up.
    Yup. Time for another backrest. Another issue is how close the backs of your knees are to the front of your cushion. You have little/no ability to scoot your butt back. The backrest needs to be mounted further forward to reduce the [occupied] seat depth a little.

    I'm using a Varilite Icon (mid-size) backrest these days. I needed a little more support after a surgery last year. The adjustability range is pretty big. See attached image. it's a little heavier than the lower ADI backs I've got, but overall I'm really happy with it.

    -scott-'s setup seems like it might be close to what you need. Fortunately, we can see his setup without having to get pictures because his chair is featured on the Icon Website...
    Yeah, it's changed a little since those were taken, but it's probably close.

    BTB, where in NC do you live? Who have you seen to help w/ getting your chair set up? Justin Richardson is another guy with a similar injury level & works at Stalls Medical. He used to be in Greenville but his LinkedIn profile makes me think he may be in Raleigh now. He may be a good resource.

    Varilite Icon back adjustment range (source)...
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    Scott, Justin and I actually play rugby together. He is in Raleigh now . So I'll shoot him a message. I have worked with Stalls Medical in Cary though. What is the best way for me to try out backrests?

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    Oh cool, yeah drop him a line. He's been with Stalls for a while.

    Trying out backrests: depends. I'd check w/ Justin first & see if he knows of who has demos available, and what's available. Some rehab centers may also have some on-hand, but I'd imagine that the best bet would be Carolinas Medical in Charlotte. I lived in Greensboro for 2.5yrs for grad school, but I'm not super familiar with everything in NC.

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    Varilite routinely monitors CareCure. I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't read this and offer to make a demo available if the dealer doesn't already have one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stephen212 View Post
    I never meant to suggest that Josh's seating posture was "a good goal to have" -- though for some it might be.
    I doubt anyone was suggesting that was your intent (or that anyone is bashing Josh's posture for that matter).

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    BTB, whoever did spec this backrest for you is guilty, never trust him/her again.
    Fortunately, you're getting some great advices from here and outside; your life is going to improve a lot for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stephen212 View Post
    Great detailed advice from Tooley.

    Below is a photo (from Facebook) of Josh Anderson, a VP at TiLite. He's 6' 5", a low quad, and as you can see he's got a lot of dump in his chair. According to a recent FB post, his TR3 is setup with: FSH ā€“ 19.5"; RSH ā€“ 15". Chances are your dump should be in the 4" ballpark.

    Is that a framed picture of Mao hanging in a TiLite office?

    He who hears not me but the Logos will say: All is one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big View Post
    BTB, whoever did spec this backrest for you is guilty, never trust him/her again.
    Fortunately, you're getting some great advices from here and outside; your life is going to improve a lot for sure.
    Thanks Big, and everyone else for the great advice you all have given me.

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    ok man, im basically your level. tooley and scott are spot on. im 25 years figuring things out. my first ride was a disaster like your in. my thoughts.
    1st dump. i always run 4in, ran 5 for many year.
    knees up help with balance as well.
    dump the fancy backs. try a regular sling back.
    i feel your seat depth is to long as well. remember especially for us quads, you need to sit IN your chair not ON your chair.
    im 6'2 and run 16w x 17d chairs with 85 deg front end and 4 in dump. 14.5 rsh and 18.5 fsh. i also like my knees open.
    biggest thing i'll tell you ot/pt's think they know everything but unless they are a gimp they dont know SHIT. sooner you learn that the better off you'll be.
    heres my cad for my tr 2

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