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Thread: bearings in wheels

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    bearings in wheels

    Can you remove bearings from wheels? I have some that i wante dot use on my Ti but the axle size is wrong for the bearing size of those wheels. It looks like if I removed nd erepalced the bearing they'd work.... Can you remove bearings? If so, how? I already tried to push it luck.

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    I am not sure I follow you exactly, but yes, bearings can be removed; I have replaced my caster bearings. There are video's on YouTube to show you how. Our own totoL1 recently posted one on request.
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    For rear wheels, it is a lot more difficult to do at home. I would guess that you could take wheels to a bicycle shop or mechanic to get the bearings pulled.
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    You can knock them out with a hammer and screwdriver if you have a socket that is slightly bigger than the bearing. Put the socket on the ground or a workbench then place the wheel on top of the socket so that the bearing is totally surrounded by the socket then put your screwdriver though the axle hole from the other side of the wheel until you can feel the inner edge of the bearing. Give the screwdriver handle a good whack with the hammer. Continue this procedure while working the screwdriver in a circle around the inside edge of the bearing so that it comes out evenly. If it looks like it's coming out unevenly work on the opposite side so that it doesn't get into a bind. Once you get the first one out, the second is much easier.

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    What Colorado Boy and Donno said. Let me tell you it is not easy. The Quickie ones I pulled were not only pressed in but they glued them too. I finally gave up and touched the outside diameter with a propane torch for a few seconds. The glue melted and the bearings were willing to come out. It was a toss up, either damage the wheel by pounding on it or risk a warp by overheating it. In the end I was not impressed with the new bearings I bought, much better, but new wheels were way better. And even older but better brands seemed to run faster.
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    Colorado--what's a socket?
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    Quote Originally Posted by voxina View Post
    Colorado--what's a socket?
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    Quote Originally Posted by voxina View Post
    Colorado--what's a socket?
    A socket is a thing that if you have to ask what it is you should have someone else replace your bearings

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    It isn't so difficult to change this bearings, but depends on each wheels. In fact they can be more or less adjusted in, or glued too…
    -Using a screwdiver and a hammer to remove them is OK (because if you remove them, it doesn't matter if you damage them, hmmm ? and it's very easy to DESTROY them by hammering their seal), even with pulling on their inner part…
    -BUT please, DON'T use this inner ring to put them in place. The best thing to do is a socket at the outer ring's size. No risks there, even if you have to hammer strongly.
    -freezing the new bearings/heating the wheel will help to put them back,
    -a little amout of grease on each bearing will help too, even to put them back than a future removal.
    Hope it will help you.
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    A little trick: after you remove the first bearing, you can slide a smaller socket that just fits inside the hub but is large enough to press on the bearing. A tap on the socket will distribute the force evenly on the bearing and it will pop right out.
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