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Thread: Walmart parking.

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    I think your approach is way too soft IsMaisin. Technically the OP is already in a position to file a discrimination claim. I think at this point, everything should be done only in writing (no telephone calls) and should be straight forward and business like, and not us the "Velvet Glove".

    This is a law they are breaking, and it has put the OP in potential danger, and should not be tolerated. I could understand if it was a small mom-n-pop business that I might deal with it a bit differently, in deference to them maybe not knowing, but this is Walmart for f**k sake! They have a team of corporate lawyers ready and waiting for these kind of situations.

    I would also document the potential danger you were in and the amount of time you put into this, because they may just write you a letter asking what you want for compensation.

    Quote Originally Posted by IsMaisin View Post
    My suggestion (with decades of experience in speaking to bureaucrats):

    You need to do some research to find the right person to approach, and you need to carefully approach that person.

    •Go take some pictures of the current setup. Have something easily identifiable as a size measure (a shopping cart?) in the picture.
    •Measure the width, length, and spacing. Also note the number of spots compared to the total number of spots in the lot.
    •Go here to contact the Walmart Ethics Office.
    •The Velvet Glove. Be polite, be reasonable, state facts. Explain that your ramp is typical and that it needs X amount of space to use. Remind them gently that the ADA is a law not a guideline. Leave them a way to contact you personally by phone if possible - at this level of corporate, giving out details will not get you spam.
    •The Iron Fist. If you get no response in a reasonable amount of time, or if you get blown off, contact your local TV station. It's a lot cheeper than a lawyer, and the media loves to make big corporations look bad. If you go in with your facts and a by name and dated list of exactly who you have talked to, you have all they need to make a spot that might just go national.

    The more hard facts you can hand to others, the better your chances. Hopefully corporate will instantly realize the potential publicity nightmare and flat out order the store lot repainted immediately.

    No matter what happens, stay polite and gracious. You want to make sure in any potential case that yours is the voice of reason.

    Finally, my two cents, the local store may and should have covered itself in the subcontracting that all work was to be compliant with building codes and law. This obviously isn't. The store might even be able to force the inept subcontractor to redo the work (unless the store signed off on a bad plan.)
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    I don't think you will get anywhere talking to the local manager. They don't have anything to say about construction.
    The new Walmart here has great HC spots where you park the long way, so no worry about anyone parking too close for the ramp van. I imagine the problem there came with adding on to the store.
    Parking far and watching for cars to run you over in a hectic parking lot might be an option if you are young and strong, but is not a solution for everyone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by -scott- View Post
    Farther away from where the majority of cars are, double-parked in 2 spots. Walmart parking lots are pretty flat. No big deal to push a little extra to get in, unless it's raining. Just watch for vehicles backing out of spots.

    If you complain, you gotta go pretty high up the ladder to be effective. I'd contact Walmart's corporate office.
    "Just watch"? Sorry, but that is just plain dangerous and unacceptable. I know we are all supposed to be super gimps but the law being enforced is the best and only way to insure we KEEP our rights and safety. Foolish old nailed it. Report to DOJ end of story.

    Most you you have prob seen this video...but it is worth a posting. Just 2 minutes--watch till end. Powerful! and has almost happened to me!
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    There is never handicapped parking at walmart. I park in the garden section, and wheel in though there. I usually check out from the garden center too. It saves me getting run over in the main lot, and there is usually a good place to park. My chair is in the back of my truck, so I put a sign on that says do not park behind me with a wheelchair symbol.

    I have been parked in a couple times, but usually parking in garden section has less troubles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ~Lin View Post
    The ADA is law, not a department or person. So you still need someone to enforce the ADA.
    Good point

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    Or, just go to Target, lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Curt Leatherbee View Post
    Or, just go to Target, lol.
    Wish that worked, Target won't have enough with the displaced Walmart shoppers.
    Why is the lack of ADA enforcement/inspection falling short? I find it depressing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Curt Leatherbee View Post
    Or, just go to Target, lol.
    Seriously, that is what I do. I have not been to the super (?) Walmart about 2 miles away for a few years because their service for disabled shoppers sucked big time, and we have a nearby Target. Both the parking and service are great.
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    I have to say the Walmart by us is good. Often when they see Dave waiting for me and I have a huge order they call a stock man.
    I load Dave and drive the van to the door and they put it all in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by titanium4motion View Post
    By law, if a store is remodeling and they take 4 handicap parking spaces they have to make 4 more handicap spaces somewhere near by.

    Contact your local building inspector about this matter.
    If building inspectors or ADA compliance officers were effective, our communities would be much more accessible. The local building inspector's office in the city I live in doesn't even have a ADA-compliant parking lot.

    Quote Originally Posted by sherocksandsherolls View Post
    "Just watch"? Sorry, but that is just plain dangerous and unacceptable. I know we are all supposed to be super gimps but the law being enforced is the best and only way to insure we KEEP our rights and safety. Foolish old nailed it. Report to DOJ end of story.
    Come on, really? Pushing a little further through a parking lot makes someone a super gimp? Paying attention makes someone a super gimp? Barriers and hazards exist everywhere, far beyond parking lots.

    Yeah, keep the DOJ on speed dial & don't get out of your vehicle. See how well that works next time you just need to make a 2 minute trip into wally world. I'm not saying to ignore the issue by any means, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to get a task done.

    p.s. the guy in the video could've avoided being hit by paying attention. He didn't have a deficit to keep him from doing so, else he wouldn't have been driving independently.

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