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Thread: Walmart parking.

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    Walmart parking.

    Our local Walmart Store has been converting to a Super Walmart. A large portion of the store is now going to be taking up some of the parking lot, specifically the portion where all of the handicapped parking slots used to be. I went there yesterday and was shocked. At a store where there were at least ten handicapped parking slots, there are now only four. These parking slots are not ada compliant at all. There are no crosshatches and the spaces are very narrow. They are arranged in such a way that the only way I can park there is if I am “lucky” enough to get into one of the outside slots. If I were to take one of the other two, I would have to lay my ramp down onto the other handicapped slot (assuming that slot is empty), or double park and take up both handicapped slots. So, the only other option would be to choose one of the two outside slots. When I park in one of those, I have to lay my ramp down into the traffic lane of the parking lot, and take my chances. According to one my friends, they repainted the parking lot in August, right around the time when I was housebound. I wish I had known, because I would have brought it up then and maybe could’ve convinced someone to make some changes. Now I think it is too late.

    Anyhow, I went to customer service and explained to them about the parking. The woman behind the desk had no idea what I was talking about. She actually asked what crosshatches were. She called her supervisor over to speak with me. The supervisor told me that there was nothing she could do about the parking, but if it would make me feel safer, I could call the store ahead of time and they would arrange to have someone come outside and watch me as I come out of my van. Yeah, that’ll fix it…ugh!

    So, where would you park? lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sugarcube View Post
    So, where would you park? lol
    Right in front of the ADA. You can't make them do anything. But the ADA sure can. Not Wallingford is it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Axle View Post
    Right in front of the ADA. You can't make them do anything. But the ADA sure can. Not Wallingford is it?
    No, it is in Putnam.

    I'm going to try and talk to corprate, first. Then go from there. I'm trying to figure out exactly who I should speak with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Axle View Post
    Right in front of the ADA. You can't make them do anything. But the ADA sure can. Not Wallingford is it?
    The ADA is law, not a department or person. So you still need someone to enforce the ADA.
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    My suggestion (with decades of experience in speaking to bureaucrats):

    You need to do some research to find the right person to approach, and you need to carefully approach that person.

    •Go take some pictures of the current setup. Have something easily identifiable as a size measure (a shopping cart?) in the picture.
    •Measure the width, length, and spacing. Also note the number of spots compared to the total number of spots in the lot.
    •Go here to contact the Walmart Ethics Office.
    •The Velvet Glove. Be polite, be reasonable, state facts. Explain that your ramp is typical and that it needs X amount of space to use. Remind them gently that the ADA is a law not a guideline. Leave them a way to contact you personally by phone if possible - at this level of corporate, giving out details will not get you spam.
    •The Iron Fist. If you get no response in a reasonable amount of time, or if you get blown off, contact your local TV station. It's a lot cheeper than a lawyer, and the media loves to make big corporations look bad. If you go in with your facts and a by name and dated list of exactly who you have talked to, you have all they need to make a spot that might just go national.

    The more hard facts you can hand to others, the better your chances. Hopefully corporate will instantly realize the potential publicity nightmare and flat out order the store lot repainted immediately.

    No matter what happens, stay polite and gracious. You want to make sure in any potential case that yours is the voice of reason.

    Finally, my two cents, the local store may and should have covered itself in the subcontracting that all work was to be compliant with building codes and law. This obviously isn't. The store might even be able to force the inept subcontractor to redo the work (unless the store signed off on a bad plan.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by ~Lin View Post
    The ADA is law, not a department or person. So you still need someone to enforce the ADA.
    Department of Justice.

    Don't ever believe or accept that it's too late to correct non-compliant work.

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    For commercial establishments like Walmart ADA guidelines specify a prescribed number of h'cap parking places per total number of spaces. Recommend that before you contact corporate that you determine the total number of spaces at the store so that you know how many h'cap spaces are actually required as compared to how many they have left post store expansion. The guidelines also specify how many van acccessible spaces there should be. By the way health care facilities like hospitals and doctor's offices require a higher ratio of h'cap spots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sugarcube View Post
    So, where would you park? lol
    Farther away from where the majority of cars are, double-parked in 2 spots. Walmart parking lots are pretty flat. No big deal to push a little extra to get in, unless it's raining. Just watch for vehicles backing out of spots.

    If you complain, you gotta go pretty high up the ladder to be effective. I'd contact Walmart's corporate office.

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    By law, if a store is remodeling and they take 4 handicap parking spaces they have to make 4 more handicap spaces somewhere near by.

    Contact your local building inspector about this matter.

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    I would let them know you are first giving them the opportunity to respond to the problem, but also let them know that you are obligated to contact the ADA if they have not satisfactorily responded with a specified date. I should think that 10 business days is time enough. That way you can immediately take it further with the ADA.

    I would include something from the ADA like this in the letter, to let them know you mean business:

    Take a look at this post on CC: My Handicapped Parking enforcement methodology, letter included.
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