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Thread: Should I be concerned

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    Should I be concerned

    I'm not sure if I should be concerned. About a month ago I noticed a pressure sore on the side of my right knee. I thought this shouldn't be a problem to care for and it was quite easy keeping pressure off. The sore never got any larger than a dime and is starting to scab over. The problem is that it's red around the sight and my whole leg is swollen from the knee down. It isn't warm to the touch and from what I can feel it isn't painful. Im wondering if it could still be cellulitis. Im starting to get very concerned. I don't have a fever and well I never know if I'm cold because I'm always cold or if I'm experiencing chills due to an under lying condition. I have been quite cold lately but it's been freezing where I live and when I turn my heat up quite high I feel much better. I have a doctors appointment on Monday for another issue and was hoping it could wait until then. Any suggestions or thoughts.

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    call your dr in the morning. honestly, with wounds i feel you can never be too careful.
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    Make an appt with your doctor asap

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