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Thread: Slit Like Syrinx?

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    Slit Like Syrinx?


    Would a syrinx that is 8mm long and 1.5mm wide that is located between c6-c7 be considered slit like? I have no other underlying cause (Chari, trauma, etc). On the MRI report it is termed a tiny syringohydromeylia. Thanks.
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    They measure it and compare the measurements with your next scan- why would you want to use a term if you have measurements?

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    I did go back for a second MRI with contrast to rule out a tumor. After that scan the report says that there is no pathologic enhancement seen and no cord expansion. The findings would indicate that the syringohydromyelia fluid collection is of benign etiology and most compatible with a syringohydromyelia. My neurologist really didn't act like this was a big deal since it was so small. He did an EMG test which was normal. I am just trying to get an idea if this is something that I should be concerned about even though my neurologist didn't think so.
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