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    Attendant Care

    Is it possible to set up attendant care while traveling to another state? We are planning a trip to Florida (not sure where).

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    Have you considered taking one of your home care aides with you on vacation?

    It may be hard to find attendant care in your vacation city. There are some home health care agencies that are franchises and if you are registered with one in your home locality, might be able to help you in your vacation locality.
    Depending on the state you are in and the requirements of that state, home health care attendants hired from an agency may not be able to do any bowel or bladder care. You may need to hire an RN or LVN for those tasks.

    In my area of northern CA, typical agency rates are $26.00 an hour for Non-Medical Caregiver/Certified Nursing Assistants. Typical Skilled/Home Health rates are $70-$90 per hour for a registered nurse, $48.00 per hour for a licensed practical nurse. There may be a minimum number of hours for which you have to pay, usually 2-3 hour minimums.

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