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Thread: 23 Steps (not stairs)

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    al..I gave this up multiple times. This time I pretty much had everyone get lost and I am doing it my way. May be slow, but more progress than help provided. Last night, I was scared shitless sitting n bedside after some exercise. Suely felt like everything working top-to-bottom and wnated to stand. This was just practically catapult myself up without use of arms. Doing standing exercises I feel like I am ready to jump.

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    This 2nd routine today. New addition to routine. 1st may have solved 100% weight transfer to left leg by locking that knee when step forward with right. But UNPLANNED jeans fall down to knees after about 4-5 steps. Manage not to panick and make sure standing. Somehow manage pull them back up. Continue walk. This seemed greatest "run" I ever did. Care less about jeans fall. The weight transfer HUGE.

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