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    Metal buttons

    I visited a friend today that's suffering from pressure wounds on his butt. While driving over i begin thinking about myself having a pressure sore and the jeans i am wearing has metal buttons on the back pockets, need i say more...
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    I find that the metal on pants back pockets are not against the cushion and they are usually against the backrest, where there is far less pressure. Still good to have no metal. If you are looking at pants this closely, you may want to consider that the edges of the pockets form a ridge because they have an extra layer of cloth material folded over. This ridge is a potential pressure point.

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    It wouldn't take much to have the pocket removed completely since you don't use it and no one sees it.

    NL tailors all of my pants to fit. She removes any buttons in the back and cuts out the back pocket fabric and sews the pocket placket closed in slacks.

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    Probably a good idea to remove those buttons CB. Have you thought about removing the pocket altogether?
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    Sometime a transfer will position those metal buttons right on a pressure point. I really like wearing pants and I would rather be safe then sorry, especially after seeing what my friend is going thur.

    Thanks for the ideas...l
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    I have been removing the seat pockets for the last 15 years. Because that is about the only difference between cheap Wranglers and designer jeans, I save the extra cash to spend on good shirts.
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