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Thread: lift to get into a car

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    lift to get into a car

    Can anyone recommend--from personal experience--the Milford person lift or a similar product? I want to transfer from a wheelchair to the passenger seat of a car and vice versa.


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    Still looking for any recommendations for a motored lift to move me from the wheelchair to the passenger seat of the car. I'd appreciate any suggestions.

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    Do you need a lift, or can you use something like the Bruno Turny Seat?

    Hmm, guess they call it Valet seating now:
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    I do not know anything about motorized lifts for transferring to a car but I do know that I have very successfully done the transfers necessary from a wheelchair to a car using a portable hoyer lift. It breaks down and fits into the trunk of the car while the manual chair folds into the back seat of the car.

    This method is not ideal as different parking lots have different surfaces. The bumpy ones are difficult on the person operating the lift. I know that from experience but it worked for us until we could find another manner to transport Ry.--eak
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    Let me pose this question; do you need a lift? What's your SCI level?
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    McDuff, I need an actual lift that moves me from the wheelchair to the car.
    Ekephart, I've seen only lifts that suspend the rider from above, which I don't think would work to get into a car. What type of hoyer did you use?

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    Not independently, but caregivers can get me into many vehicles with the takealong lift.

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    The Takealong is manual and doesn't use standard slings(cons), but the arms go up flat and are narrow enough to go into most car doors, place you in the seat. then they use a plastic bag to twist you. Hoyers all go up and don't work in cars.

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