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    .Permobil C500 w/ESP

    I have been waiting to do this but now is about time.

    I received a new Permobil C500 with ESP last June and I am very grateful to the VA and the Excelent OT who made sure that I had the best wheelchair that fit my disability and lifestyle.

    Now the facts. When we were adjusting the chair to fit my disabled self the day I picked it up, we noticed the elevator function was not working properly. It sounded like a gear in the actuator was partialy striped.
    When I arrived home I made an appointment and the PM rep came out and replaced the entire assembly. It has worked fine since.

    I was using the powerchair outside for a few weeks before the rep came out and noticed the batteries did not last as long as my other 4 powerchairs. I just thought that possibly the wrong batteries were installed or maybe there was also a power drain with the broken elevator. They would only go about 1/3 the distance of the previous 2 Group 24 batteries in my old chairs.
    The rep replaced the part, tested the electrical system and it was not up to standard. Thought bad cell or cells and made appt to replace batt. Returned with new batt but has not made a difference and my new power wheelchair can barely travel 3 or 4 miles on paved roads when my heavy Omegatrac and Frontier X5 can easily do 10 or 12.

    I never know when my power will fail. I go to bed and all the bars are lit. At noon I get in the chair, sit in front of computer until 5pm, change positions a few times but when time to move only 3 red bars are lit and shortly flashing almost dead. Power off 98% of time. Other electrical problems also.

    November I hear noise like rocks in hubcap. Neighbor helps remove cap and we find the single screw that holds the wheel assembly on with the head broken off. Noticed wheel had began to slide off and immedialely switched chairs. Disaster barely averted. I do not like that only a single screw holds the wheel on the chair. The heavyweight version has a much better design.
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