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Thread: Went skiing for first time

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    Went skiing for first time

    Had the chance to go skiing using a mountain man bi-ski at Mt Sunapee in NH yesterday. Did 4 runs and loved every minute of it. They used "grip mitts" to buckle my hands to the outrigger handles and waist binders to hold the outriggers to my arms. Hoping to go back again...amazed to learn that I could steer by just leaning my head!
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    Wow, that is so cool! Glad you had a great experience.
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    You look super warm in that picture. Congrats on the successful runs !

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    I am jealous! I've wanted to do this for about four years now.
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    I'm jealous too. I gave up skiing long before chair rolling due to weakening quads. With the support staff you have, it looks like you can have a blast. Go for it.
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    So Awesome Grl!! Go get 'em!

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    Good to hear you loved it..................(O:

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