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Thread: My Recovery

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    I had trouble the other day, and on a lot of other videos from other sources too. The problem was here with my system.
    Great video though, looks a bunch like what I went through, except it took me a lot longer from time of injury. My biggest drawback right now is temperature control, it's been bitter, I don't feel it, today is another stellar performance. I held on to 3 inch thick steel until my hands froze, twice, and now that I'm back inside 3 hours later I'm starting to feel the cold, a slight delay. The body temperature thing drives me crazy, not long ago I lit one leg on fire and didn't know it. My next thing is to get on a bicycle again, and go some place this time!

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    Random- Try to access it through google. There is actually some footage of the skates I asked you about. When I was using those, I couldn't move my legs anymore than in the video I saw of you. In fact, you may be moving better. My hip flexion was strong at that time, but everything else was really really weak.

    My temp conrtol in my legs is scewy. I used to surf all winter as an AB. I found now post injury as soon as I really needed a wetsuit my legs got lethargic and funky. So surfing will have to be a warm weather thing for me now. It hasn't been too bad when I am dressed appropriately. I notice drafts much more than I did before and always warm the car up before going anywhere.

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    I think the temperature stuff has to be related to circulation. My legs never get warm when its cold. I found leg warmers like Olivia Newton John wore. I wear them in the house with my long johns underneath on cold days.

    A pair of heated johns would do the trick if we could get them to function much like an electric blanket.
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