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Thread: Hollister Leg Bags Leaks..

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    Quote Originally Posted by alflyhigh View Post
    check byram health care. They have a website. Go for the deluxe leg bag and hollister leg straps. It is the best combo ever because the bags are designed strong and handle a good amount of clorox.

    I believe the Hollister 9805 is the deluxe bag…or it is supposed to be anyway.

    Quote Originally Posted by titanium4motion View Post
    I have. When I first got injured my insurance provided me with Hollister leg bags and they always leaked. Poor quality.

    I went to Urocare leg bags and they are much better and last longer. I have used Urocare since.

    Thanks. I’m starting to think the same thing. I’m going to try the Urocare bags.

    I wish more companies would offer free samples. It would make it so much easier to figure out which will work the best.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rustyjames View Post
    I've been using the 9805 for a dozen years and never had this problem with them. I'd get at least a month out of one, and that's with washing them out every day with a bleach solution.

    Same here. I have used these bags for about 2 years and have never had any issues. Maybe it is just a bad batch.

    Quote Originally Posted by GJ2 View Post

    I agree with Rusty , i to have been using this bag for 5+ years with no issues unless i let the bag overfill then it will leak as stated above in the corner seam ... but thats not the bags fault it's mine....i also clean my bags everyday with a bleach solution and replace approx. once a month ... and for the bands i use there clips and go buy my own banding at joanns fabric.... thats my .02
    This is a really good idea. Could you be a little more specific as to what type of banding that you use?

    Quote Originally Posted by gjnl View Post
    In addition to the regular elastic straps that come with the leg bags, Urocare offers two other systems. The links below show pictures of the leg bag holders and the fabric leg bag straps. They also offer extension tubing and connectors.

    Thanks! I didn’t notice that they had the cloth straps available too.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheRainman View Post
    Where is the leak.

    Mine were right on the sides on the bottom, in the folds in the seam. I also had one that leaked right next (around) to the valve.

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    Quote Originally Posted by badger78 View Post
    I've had this exact problem for the last two orders I've made. I've called Hollister and they have sent replacements, but are not very pleasant about it. I get the feeling they don't believe me and think I'm trying to scam them for free leg bags when I call them.

    I called Hollister today. The operator was extremely rude. She asked me for the lot number and where they were leaking. I don’t think she believed me either. When I started to explain to her that I normally get about a month’s worth of use out of the bags, she interrupted me, and said “Ma’am, our manufacturer recommends that you should get 2 weeks per bag.” I said “Well, if you can only guarantee two weeks then I will have to…. She interrupted me again. She said “That is what they recommend,” stressing the word recommend. If you can get more out of it then…” I explained to her that I didn’t even get 2 days out of them in one instance. She said that she would be sending me out a replacement product and that was pretty much the extent of our conversation. I was surprised that she didn’t even say something like, “I’m sorry for the inconvenience,” but I guess that was expecting too much.

    I’m going to use the bags they send me and then go elsewhere.

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    I called them yesterday too. the person I talked to was very apologetic and nice. said the would send replacements. I told her about many people having problems with leaking and she said the problem won't get solved unless people call. it really is hit and miss about who you talk to. the last time i called the person was just plain rude. If you like the product and want it to work right PLEASE CALL. I haven't found a better legbag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sugarcube View Post
    I called Hollister today. The operator was extremely rude.
    i'm sorry you had to deal with that. thankfully, most people i've had to deal with in healthcare/medical supplies have been warm. sometimes they aren't. hopefully your next box is problem-free! i'd probably want to switch brands if i had an experience like that.
    T6 incomplete - 14 october 2012

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    I have been having the same problem. Been using the Hollister for 18 years and they rarely leaked until the last year or so. I get two per month from isurance and it seems they get a drip in one of the folds. I am ready to try a new style also.

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    same problem

    I used the 9805 for the last 12 years, last 5 boxes of 10 had the same leak in the lower corner. I tried BARD Dispoz-a-bag 32oz bag. they are way stronger and same kind of valve.

    Give them a try!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lacesoutvic View Post
    i'm sorry you had to deal with that. thankfully, most people i've had to deal with in healthcare/medical supplies have been warm. sometimes they aren't. hopefully your next box is problem-free! i'd probably want to switch brands if i had an experience like that.
    Thank you.

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    On a positive note, I recieved my "replacement" box today. I'm still changing companies after this though.

    Halbeisen and ryanrmx, please call Hollister and let them know. If nothing else, they will hopefully replace what you have lost.

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    sorry for the delayed response. The kendall uri drain leg bag deluxe is the bag I use. the bag has four slits, one at each conner originally made so the straps are threaded threw and then fastened with a round button.

    modified my bag by placing a button in each of the four slits and using the ultra durable hollister leg bag straps. these straps aren't on the web site but call them and ask. it has a thick comfortable band with plastic closed hooks on both ends. it fasten the bag real tight and doesn't kink the reflux valve. it holds holds a filled bag like no other.

    Good luck,

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    The Conveen leg bags with attached extension tube that you cut to length, wide elastic leg straps that come with the bag and channels inside the bag so it lays flat against your leg instead of ballooning out like a football are really nice too. Have never had a leaky one in 8 years. I used to use the Hollister bags years ago.

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