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Thread: Size of StimuLITE cushions

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    Size of StimuLITE cushions

    My wheelchair is 15"x15"(38cm x 38cm exactly), and I've adjusted it to about 15x14.
    I want to get a StimuLITE cushion, and fount their size is 14x14 or 16x16. So which one should I buy?
    Sorry for poor English

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    Stimulite will do any size, just ask

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    I can only order that online. And some type has 15x15,but expensive than other size.

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    Call Supracor (stimulite) and ask them. Give them your chair fabric size. I know they show a upcharge for special sizes, but the vendors may not. Maybe it was Sage, check around.
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    yup, they will custom cut anything.

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    I have 3 stimulites, bought online from sportaid, and all a custom size. Email them

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    I ordered my 17x17 through Wheelchair Sage. Excellent customer service.

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    As Pg2005 said...Wheelchair Cushion Sage. They have 15x15 or 15x14 sizes.

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    Be prepared for a bit of a wait on the custom size, I've had to wait quite a while to get my 15X16 Slimlines. That could just be a issue with the Canadian distributor though.

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    Thank you for your response.
    If I just use 14x14, and use some velcro, will that be OK? My bottom is about 14" wide.
    I think about the Pediatric Contoured Cushion, it's for child, so maybe more "soft"? And I not very heavy(140pound)

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