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Thread: $450 for oil pan gasket replacement

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    Ya, those quotes really are not that bad. Labor aint cheap these days nor is running a biz.
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    I've been screwed over several times by pepboys.

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    Here is what I would do. I would go on Craigslist and look under "Services/Automotive" and get a mobile mechanic. Most of the mechanics here in Gainesville charge $65 an hour for the first hour then $35 hour for each additional hour. The minimum charge is usually $65 plus parts. Pick one who is AFCME certified and check his references. Then get the estimate in writing. The guy I use comes to my house and works in my garage. I try to bundle a few minor repairs to make sure I get my $65 worth. I too used to work on my truck so I have a ball park idea of what the cost should be. It would take less than an hour to change an oil pan gasket so it would cost you $65 labor plus $4.50 for the gasket. The Honda dealership here quoted me a price of $950 to replace the electric cooling fan in my Honda Element. The mobile mechanic charged me $65 labor and $85 for parts.

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    being disabled should not stop you from working on your car. I have changed my oil pan on RSX and you are right it is very easy to do just little messy. the rear main seal however can be little hard but if you have a garage, get some strong and tall jack stands with a creeper and you should be fine. once you unbolt the transmission, are you got to do is Pry Bar it and slides off.

    Mechanics going to rip you off anyway no matter what, if you not going to do it yourself then shop around I am pretty sure you can find better deals.

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    Try Lucas oil stop leak. Don't use it all just about 1/4 or 1/3 of a guart in the oil.....they swell the seals up and have worked for me on several different engines. If it does not work you out only a few bucks.

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