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    darkeye- Do you wear those afos on both feet. I have a Ritchie Brace that has a hinge. Are yours fixed.

    Fillauer also has a dynamic afo. Anyone know anything about those? I have been thinking of trying something new. My brace allows for movement which is nice because it allows my calf to stay tone. But maybe there are better ones.

    Yea, I use a dynamic walk AFO on my left foot and it's really, really good, but it requires a lot of balance and strength to use. It's about as minimalist as an AFO can get, and all it really does is lift up your toes whereas most other AFOs give you either lateral stability or all around stability.

    If you can stand up and walk unaided, with crutches or with a cane, and do so without any bracing whatsoever, but you have limited ankle movement that leads to assymetries in your gait, then the dynamic walk will be great since it manages to replicate normal ankle motions and freedom remarkably well. However, if you rely on the rigidity of the brace to stay upright at all, this brace will do nothing to help you.

    The best thing is to try before you buy. I was able to hang out at my local orthontist office and spend some time walking around with the various options available until I found something that worked for me.

    Good luck!
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    These comments here very interesting. I had a therapist make me custom braces that were more than $6000. The damn things were so big. Weighed a ton. Smashed together at knee because that was "lockable." They wantd me walk like "Frankenstein." I just got new Breg night tme plantar braces and think UPS had weight printed on package, including box, less than 2 lbs. Stretching plantar in just 2 days has done countless things. I have muscles now working through toes and even think bowel stating.

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    Shveddy- I can walk unaided with no afo. The afo makes it much easier and safer. My Ritchie brace doesnt really do much more than lift (dorsi-flex) my foot either. It provides for a little stabilization but really not much. I saw a video of someone running with the Fillauer. So obviously I want one. Ha!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MFlounlacker View Post
    I have my right ankle. No left. Do your feet feel strange? My left foot feels weird all the time. Proprioception sucks. Does your lack of ankles cause your knee joint to be funky too? Mine is kind of weird even though the quad is stronger than on my good leg.

    I am T12 inc. too. Must be more assymetric though. bad left/good right
    Strange is an understatement. I feel pressure and tingling/burning but nothing else. If I am pin pricked, I get increased burning but I can't tell you exactly where I am touched but I know it is my foot.

    My knee joints hyper extend sometimes or lock for a better word but I try not to let that happen. My left is stronger than my right. I used to be able to twitch my left foot but after a surgery in 93, I can't do that anymore.

    My balance is off so I have static AFO's. Veddy explained it well. I did try other braces but I could not walk without the ankle support.
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