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Thread: terri schiavo story should be part of the rally

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    couldn't agree with you more seneca. we will soon start to see this attitude spread and directed towards all disable ppl. it will also hurt research for tbi, sci, and all neuro research.

    exactly manouli, the hippocracy is in your face hippocracy.

    micheal sciavo refuse to allow her parents to see and pray for her in her last hours. i have tried to give him benefit of doubt from all the mean things directed at him. i guess i was wrong, this man is evil.

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    I don't think comparing physical and mental disabilities with being in a persistent vegetative state is a reality..or will become a reality.

    The promises of return for the type of injury
    that causes permanent vegetative states are about the same as they were....well forever.
    Of course the care of the patient is much have some of the medicines.

    You want to judge this without living's your choice to make.

    Point of interest to me is that despite 25 years of randomized, controlled trials, the benefit of steroid administration to patients with TBI is unproven. Interesting.

    The brain tumors that killed in 1958..still kill in 2005.
    If you couldn't breath in 1899..well you died..and now you live.

    You may feel deeply that the way Terri died was immoral and a host of other negative words. Being a sideshow is immoral for any case this sensitive. Many families right now are dealing with the same vegetative decisions. I pray they are given the option
    of family privacy and love..this is tough.

    All the brilliance in the world will never outshine the natural order of may
    make advances..and we all should be very supportive of this..but we also have to come to terms with the fact that sometime we will die..sometimes we will suffer.

    And if you really love something..sometimes you must set it free. You are free Terri.

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    "An Ohio horse trainer was hired to transport two horses to New Jersey, and upon their arrival, the guardians found them to be so severely emaciated that they were half their normal weights. Their ribs, spines, and hip bones were clearly visible. After PETA put pressure on authorities, the trainer was charged charged with cruelty for nearly starving the animals to death."

    "PETA alerted local authorities to a case involving horses being starved in Jasper County. Thanks to our help, the animals were seized and their custodian arrested on charges of cruelty to animals when authorities found seven dead horses, one downed horse, and eight horses severely malnourished and barely able to stand."

    "PETA contacted authorities in Ludlow, Missouri, about abused and starving animals at a local residence. Authorities found two emaciated dead dogs in the backyard, seized five starving and abused dogs, and arrested the owners."

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    How tru DA. It seems that the bravery of America for her own has been reduced to an animal that has no identity.

    Intersting story about a KING of Babylon. This king one day stood and said, see all that my power has created in this great city. No sooner than he finished, God turned the king into living like an animal.

    This king ate grass for seven years until he finally realized he was not that self sufficient.

    So, does the rich think they are above the rest of God's creatures? It really makes you wonder what is next.

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    Originally posted by DA:

    micheal sciavo refuse to allow her parents to see and pray for her in her last hours.
    That is a lie DA. I even heard it refuted by Bill O'Rielly. You talk sooo much crap about the liberal media and then pass on what they say as fact. Don't you Texans know what facts are?

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    I heard the parents were denied access too. I have never been to texas but branding this is very common.

    Personally, like Seneca says, Michael "whats his face" will see what is coming his way one day.

    Terry is gone. Time to heal NOW! So lets all put on our nice white doctor duds and get busy again. No time for praising the dirt balls, just throw thew in the washing machine and give them their "spin"

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    Yes, it is time to heal and give a message of hope in Washington DC on April 12. Wise.

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    Thank you for all of your thought provoking comments on this most sad and unfortunate event. I could not agree more that this is a time to heal and to look forward with great hope.

    The Washington rally is an opportunity for all parties to come together and find common ground by helping the disabled by investing in science and discovery. Would we as a society not be better off if we developed a "Cure" mentality?

    We will be ascending on D.C. at a time of great turmoil and controversy. It is important that we rise above the fray and give everyone the opportunity to participate in helping us by passing the CRPA and funding a new "culture of life" message, one of hope and cure. There a great supporters of the disabled in both parties
    who will have a golden opportunity here, let us all work at making that happen.

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    when 50% of the country believe killing her was the best act to do for her, and million dollar baby was championed by its message. we have a very high change-attitude mountain to climb. k2 as nothing on this mountain.

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