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Thread: cleaning

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    the little rod that keeps your wheel attached to chair. what do you clean it with steel wool?

    mine is filthy

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    I'm sure you mean the axles. They not only get dirty, but sticky too and then difficult to pull off. Steel wool would work, but there is a risk of getting fibers caught in the ball release mechanism. Try alcohol. I've never known if there is supposed to be something on them or not as there is no reason for them to turn.
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    will do as they are very sticky and dirty


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    acetone or mineral spirits should clear them up good, rinse with 90%+ rubbing alc.
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    I use WD 40. It is mostly a solvent.
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    Rubbing alcohol sounds good. I avoid lubrication because a greasy axle retains more dust, becomes sticky, and may stain car seats. How about a powder lubricant? I have not tried it. Just thought about it.

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    After they're clean, apply just a bit, of silicone works well. When the axle is reinserted, spin it until the axle moves freely. The silicone doesn't attract as much grime as WD 40. I do that every couple months.

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    Try KY as a lube. Its water soluble so can be cleaned off stuff easily. I use stuff called Tri-flow, because it is so humid in the south crap will rust if its not protected. Trouble is the Tri-flow is really expensive.

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    I like to use WD-40 to clean. Then get the axle as wiped off as I can and spray dry lube on it, same as I use on my guns. Goes on wet and dries in an instant. Guess it's just personal preference and what is available.

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    I keep mine very clean and don't use any lubricant. Steel wool works well, I finish with 0000, real smooth finish. I go further though, I actually polish mine with a felt polishing wheel and a Dremel tool or a polishing belt (bench-top belt sander 1x30") using stainless steel polishing compound. Mine are shiny :-)

    The steel wool will get rust off very well. Cream metal polish will degrease pretty well and you don't have to worry about it running all over, like the inside of the axle end. I used to lube them so they would slide in easier but I didn't notice a big difference and the lube would get black and leave stains on clothing and car fabric to I stopped doing that. Good luck.

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