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    got 2 sphincatomy's done both didn.t work worst thing i ever done now i have to were a foley for life screw the super pubic it looks nasty the doctor said less infections all i have to do is keep it clean and drink alot of water and keep an emergency bottle of ciproe handy.

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    Sorry the sphincterotomies didn't work for you. What is your level of injury?

    If you have to have a long term indwelling catheter, I think the suprapubic catheter is far superior to an indwelling urethra foley catheter. They are easy to manage and don't have the potential for urethral erosion like the indwelling urethra foley catheters have. The procedure takes less than 15 minutes. Management consists of cleaning the stoma area once or twice a day, changing the catheter every 4 (some say 6) weeks, cleaning the leg bag and night collection system and changing the bag every 4 weeks.

    Either way, you may want to consider bladder instillations of Vetericyn to help prevent bladder colonization and urinary tract infections. See threads below.

    All the best,

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    From what I have heard from many people, the comments from GJ are right on. Many people also feel, besides the fact that a suprapubic is easier to care for, that they are able to perform better sexually. Obviously, that is a personal opinion, but I am merely sharing statements that I have heard.

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