I'm high level paraplegic, performing intermittent self cath probably 5 times daily.

I've literally been battling the same UTI for more than 1 year. Be VERY VERY careful of UTIs, I passed out last year because my biochemistry was so messed up. My doctor at the time said to me..."forget the culture, if you have two indicators" (i.e. red blood cells + incontinence OR red blood cells + white blood cells) "we treat it."

OK. To make a LONG story short, I was on bactrim, I was on ciproflaxin, it always kept coming back....cranberry would relieve the symptoms for a time, only to have the test strips show up positive a week later. Then I found PARSLEY TEA...!!!!

Two weeks, one cup morning and night, and continued at night thereafter. My test strips are COMPLETELY negative....not "trace" Not "One indicator is OK." I'm talking NEGATIVE.


Give it a try, and monitor it yourself with test strips from the pharmacy. It worked for my situation, it might work for you