My son was severely injured by a hit and run driver four months ago. He had a severe TBI but doing really well. He also suffered a L1 burst fracture as well as an amputated left leg. His right arm is really messed up too, lots of rebuilding with rods, wires and plates. Rod in right leg too.

My question is this: I don't know how to tell if something is TBI or SCI related? Like bladder and bowel. When he first woke from his coma he was so mad he couldn't get to the bathroom because of his physical injuries but he said he had to go, both. He has had feeling in his bowels but had been cathed for bladder up until this week. We are doing the bladder training and he can push urine out but now can't seem to feel his BMs at all. He recently had an internal bleed in his right hip area, Doc thinks maybe that affected his feeling in the area. I know his butt has been numb because he can't quite feel the bedpan, but he does have control of the anal sphincter, he can push a BM out when he is told there is one there.

So I don't know if it is the TBI causing the bladder problem or the burst fracture. This is so frustrating. I hate hearing wait and see!

Can an L1 burst control the anal sphincter? Can they push pee out? If so can this get better? I am afraid it will get worse but I have no reason to believe it will, just got a case of the negatives today and no one to talk to that understands. Thanks for any feedback.