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Thread: New Pain developed

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    New Pain developed

    I have abdominal/pelvic/right hip pain that all of a sudden start to really hurt one day, it will always start up in the late afternoon
    Starting in 09 the nerve pain started to really hurt every day around the pelvic area up to gut and around my waist area, and right hip (sharp electric shock & tightness feeling). It gets worse thought out the day. The tightness feeling increases when moving arms, and really hurts when swolling and talking. (Can you believe that) have stopped working out my upper body and have lose weight and muscle ton in uppebody.
    The pain is very terrible, in my pelvic & gut everyday, It starts up in the morning eating breakfast and talking. It can get so flared by noontime, that I become a mute and don't eat. It pain gets aggravated by exerting any movement, working out, driveing my van, to travel outside in my chair on rough terrain, and to travel bumpy roads.

    Life sucks! Lost all intrest in in visiting with friends and makes it that much more depressing.

    I am taking lyrica and cymalta

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    Sorry to hear you are in pain it can definitely be demoralizing and send a person into depression. Been there done that not too long ago we have some similar symptoms when it comes to pain hip, stomach, etc. It can definitely be maddening but don't alienate your friends they can be the very ones who pull you through the tough times.

    That and our brothers and sisters on this web site have been very helpful. I also started taking lyrica hoping it helps even just a little it's wildly expensive though!

    I hope something anything gives you some relief from the pain you're experiencing just try to remember you're not alone..

    Take care
    Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway. .(John Wayne)

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