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Thread: Monumental milestone reached yesterday

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    Monumental milestone reached yesterday

    I can't go screaming about this to all my friends so I do it hear! But I completed my bowel program by myself!!!! The only thing my mom did was the suppository. I use the liquid kind you squeeze. Other than that I used one of those stimulator reaches, a mirror and a pad and did it all!!! This was my second time trying.

    I hope it's possible to do without a mirror so I can do it on the toilet. Would be easier if I were a dude so I knew I wasn't making any mistakes. But if I an do it on the toilet that would be amazing. Considering getting a new suppository because I do own the inserter. Ill also need a new toilet chair with a cut out in front. Mine is just an old plastic one from rehab without one. Cleanup is hard so it'd be cool to have one so I could roll right into the shower. But I did the hard part!! Yaaayyyyyyyyyyyy

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    good for you indepences is everything

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    That is HUGE! Congratulations.

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    awesome! keep up the good work!
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    Right on, Rachelle!
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    That's great Rachel!
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    WOW!! That's a milestone! Good job!
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