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Thread: One Form of Neuron Turned Into Another

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    One Form of Neuron Turned Into Another

    What makes the finding even more significant is that the work was done in the brains of living mice, rather than in collections of cells in laboratory dishes. The mice were young, so researchers still do not know if neuronal reprogramming will be possible in older laboratory animals -- and humans. If it is possible, this has enormous implications for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.

    "Neurodegenerative diseases typically effect a specific population of neurons, leaving many others untouched. For example, in ALS it is corticospinal motor neurons in the brain and motor neurons in the spinal cord, among the many neurons of the nervous system, that selectively die," Arlotta said. "What if one could take neurons that are spared in a given disease and turn them directly into the neurons that die off? In ALS, if you could generate even a small percentage of corticospinal motor neurons, it would likely be sufficient to recover basic functioning," she said.
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    I heard this earlier .. very exciting stuff!
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    Reprogramming of cells is now a hot topic

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