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Thread: Pain broke

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    Pain broke

    I thought some good news would be nice for a change. Normally I'm so superstitious about pain I don't mention when it gets better but, last night I didn't take any vicodin for the first time in more than two weeks and I slept more than four hours straight. I couldn't believe it when I woke up and looked at my watch. I could get used to that!

    Plenty of other stuff going wrong but the fire in my back finally stopped. Even if it starts up again tomorrow, just once I wanted to look pain in the face and say, eff it, I'm okay right now. To whoever the god of pain is, I'll take one night off and two weeks on. That's a friggin gift. Still can't believe I slept so long.

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    It really does help to be able to recognize blessings in your life where you can find them.

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