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Thread: Need to buy a Sealy bed remote

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    Need to buy a Sealy bed remote

    I have a queen Sealy automatic bed (stern and foster tropical oasis collection), but the remote is starting to get janky. I looked on eBay, but it's not availble.

    Has anyone ever had to just get a new remote for their bed before?
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    Nice avatar Theo, your truely a major league babe, lol. Why not call a matteress place that sells those sealy's and see if you can get a new remote, just make sure to have the model number when you call. I'd think it just unplugs and you'd buy a new one and plug it in?
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    A lot of the different companies use the "Legget and Platt" adjustable bases. Here is a pic of all the different remotes they sell:

    This is the base page to get info if any of those work for ya:
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    I've got a Sealy Posturematic bed and have had to replace the remotes a couple of times over the years. It's roughly the same prices as the previous posters source but you can try them if you like, their number is 800-345-4333, or email
    Dan G. in CT

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    thanks guys!!! much appreciated.

    ps. thanks curt heh
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