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Thread: Jeans and Jackets for quads

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    I use shoestrings to make loops for zippers. You can color match your clothes. When I used leg braces my Aunt sewed just about full length zippers in the outside seams of the pant legs. She was able to make the seams so they covered the zippers. They really made putting the pants easy to put on and to put my braces on/off without undressing. I wear Kaikis most of the time. They are softer than jeans. I do not button the top button. When the zipper pull is flipped down the zipper is usually locked in place. I am tall but I usually buy short jackets, coats, etc. because they do not bunch up so much at the sides of my wheelchair.
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    I have also seen people use smallish keychain rings through the zipper. As an added benefit, you can loop the ring over the button, and even if you don't button the jeans, the zipper stays up.
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    I used to use zipper pulls years ago for pants zippers, but when I broke one we cut a hanger and bent it into shape to do the same. This has worked great for many, many years. Grind one end so it will fit into the hole on the zipper and curl the other end so it isn't sharp.

    For jacket zippers, I used to use key rings but years ago I started using leather shoe string, tied into a loop; I find it looks better.
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    Avoid pockets on the seat of pants. Rivets should also be avoided on jeans esp. if over bony areas. Even pockets in the front of pants in the pelvic area can be not to carry hard objects in them as they can cause pressure on skin or crimp catheters. Some prefer pockets on the top of the thigh or front of shin area for easier access, but lots of people avoid pockets and use a wheelchair bag, etc. If you don't need pockets, don't include them in the design, or offer only as an option.

    As others have said, snaps or velcro may be preferable to zippers for some for the fly, and elastic or drawstring waist (which can be adapted with elastic) also are much easier to put on. The waist should be lower in the front, and higher in the back to accommodate the seated position.

    Also, for jeans, try to avoid thick flat-felt seams. They can cause skin problems as well. Smooth regular seams may be less stylish (although if top stitched can look like a regular jeans seam) but provide less pressure points.


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    We can wear real clothes from real stores just like any other person. Mod what you need to make it work, but sweats are for working out, not everyday wear. Throw me into sweats as day to day wear and I have never felt or looked so gimpy.

    If you cannot/do not sew and/or don't have a family member or friend who does, get with a tailor to change what you need on clothes you love.

    Sweats and wheelchair specific clothes are a choice, not a necessity.

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    Adaptations by Adrian. I have 2 pairs of pants from here, they fit great and last a long time.
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    I take 501 jeans, remove the rivets and replace them with bootlaces. I am a para so have no issues with dexterity, the mod just makes it easier to cath and seems to keep them on better than the stock configuration. It was a tip from the esteemed RDF.

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