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    wheels question've got a ZRa 1....have spinergy wire wheels and quick release axles from Ti. I love these (well..they could be spinergy LX...but yknow...) I want to use the mag wheels from an old Quickie Breezy, as all terrain wheels with knobbies, but they're threaded axles. Can I take out the threaded axles, insert the Ti axles which are quick release (I think they're the same size axle.) and use spacers and have it work? Thanks!
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    Thanks!!! I asked the bike shop guy who's doing the tires and he said it owuldnt work. Glad to see it may yet.... I really want to have the spare wheels.
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    The answer is maybe.
    I tried it early on and had the fatter axles. Good luck. The photo shows a nut, but I think it's welded into the chair. I don't think you can see as shown.
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    I've built bicycle wheels. I ordered my Icon with the standard wheels because I thought couldn't get Round Bettys through the purchasing agent (I was wrong on that, but done is done.)

    I want to build my own again, and I am planning on using a 16 spoke quick release wheelchair hub (almost all quick releases these days use a 100mm quick release) and run spokes to every other drilled hole in the 32 hole rim. Since I want to use 50-559 wheels, I am looking at Velocity P35 rims. I haven't decided on a hub yet. The extra holes will give me a place to mount the push rim too, though I may have to re-weld the tabs to get the right spacing.

    I do not recommend building your first wheel if you need it as your only wheel. For one thing, you need some tools like a truing stand that you may never use again. Instead, talk to an expert like Phil Woods, he does custom work. Look for someone who has built whees for a trike, the process is the same. Sheldon Brown (RIP) has a great site that will educate you on the right questions to ask.

    Your local bike shop may not have experience doing wheelchair work, and be too uncomfortable with the potential liability.

    A lot of builders are obsessive about spoke patterns. Wheelchairs are normally laced in a radial pattern without crossing the spokes. This is fine for normal wheelchair locks, but puts too much stress on anything with a disk brake. A radial pattern gives you the lightest weight and the highest lateral stress resistance at the cost of putting a higher stress load on the flanges. Wheelchair flanges are normally stronger and thicker than bicycle front wheel flanges.

    It is especially important with custom wheels to use rim tape or plugs to prevent your tube from pushing into the holes and causing flats.

    Whoever you choose to do the work, provide them with exact measurements of your axle diameter and your push rim spacing. The axle length will vary with the width of the hub, but the inside bump on the axle must be inside the retainer on the camber tube.

    Best of luck getting what you want and works best for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by smashms View Post
    Yes it should work as long as same axle size.
    Do you actually know this? Have you taken threaded axles from quickie mag wheels and and used them on non-threaded ti-lite chairs?

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    Says it uses a 1/2 inch bearing and 1/2 inch bolt to hold it on the Breezy. You will probably have to buy some longer quick release axles to fit the Ti.

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    Well...its worth a shot. I needed new tires on my backup Breezy anyways. Either way it works out, and I'm gonna get some mixed tread tires with some moderate knobs instead of my inverted, aka skid tread Kenda high pressures. (I think they'll be low pressure compared, 55 psi vs 110, but I'm likijng the idea of not skidding, and the extra effort will be good exercise...I've got normal upper body strength, and a hunka golden retriever service dog who can help pull.)
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