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Thread: New Invention Could One Day Get Paralyzed People Walking Again

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    New Invention Could One Day Get Paralyzed People Walking Again

    SEATTLE - It's right out of a science fiction movie: a 75-pound suit you put on that takes you places.

    But that suit is real, designed by a local man. And it's providing hope to people who've been told: "You'll never walk again."

    Monty Reed is the inventor. He's a student at Northshore Community College.

    "I call it a two-legged robot, yeah," says Reed.

    He hopes it can one day get paralyzed people walking again.

    Here's how it works: An able-bodied person wears it, and a computer records the movements. And then, the Lifesuit duplicates those movements.

    Full Story

    Lifesuit web page (appears to be under construction)

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    its a thought but on sale ebay for 42000.00

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    pffff what a piece of crap, haha yea that what we need.

    how about balance...i think he forgot about that.

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    it may work for paras

    Its temporary soluttion for life long problem, averting us from real cure!

    In the end of the day when we take suit off-we are still gimpslol

    Walkinin alone will make us "homo erectus"-but never full & able "homo sapiens"

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    Think of it as an important tool to help you regain bone density and strength in your body after the "cure" and the return of function. Cars are used by everyone to give them mobility and this is very similar. Call it a legsuit instead of a wheelchair. Mass produce it and Max will be selling them in his Variety Store.
    Open up your eyes and minds,

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    75 lbs - wow

    it won't work - walking ain't that easy

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    look at this link

    there is also a mpeg-movie-download,
    watch,how they "walk".....


    be dazed and confused

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    Carl - You said it "open up your eyes and minds". This is a difficult concept for many.

    Whether this product works perfectly or not is not the point. At least there's someone else working on a problem to benefit humanity and those afflicted with paralysis even though it's not a perfect solution.

    Have any of you considered that this may also help:

    1. Children / adults with Cerebral Palsy
    2. Multiple Sclerosis patients
    3. Stroke victims
    4. Amputees

    The mind is like a parachute, it only works when its open.

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    If you could go up stairs in it, it would save the cost of a home elevator...

    I wonder about pressure sores though? Where are the places that are taking the weight and how are they padded?

    AB wife of T8 complete para

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    that technology will help someone eventually but a sci walker? nah.


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