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Thread: A question about foot and leg pain after a collision

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    A question about foot and leg pain after a collision

    On January 8 I was driving my Ford Crown Victoria, a sturdy car, about 35 MPH when I had to brake hard to avoid colliding with a van in front which had stopped abruptly. I narrowly missed making impact but just as I managed to stop my car it was rear-ended.

    My orthopedic doctor believes that I may have suffered nerve damage. I had an MRI done and will be meeting with him tomorrow to discuss it.

    It has now been almost two weeks. While I woke up the day after the collision with pain in both feet and legs plus lower back pain, now my pain is pretty much only in my lower back when I stand or sit too long and in my right foot and leg. I'm also very unsteady, have a balance issue but my range of motion is good, no spasms, just doing everything slowly when walking or staying balanced is involved. Putting my foot (feet) in ice water really helps the pain go away quickly. I do that about three times a day.

    Can anyone explain why the pain in my right foot and leg could be neurological and not some sort of ligament damage which is what it feels like? The doctor didn't request Xrays of my feet, especially the right foot, even though they were what was hurting most.

    Thank you all.

    I want to add that while walking, pain goes from my achilles area up the back of my right leg but when driving my car-accelerating and braking-pain goes up the front of my right leg and shin.
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