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Thread: Car survival kit?

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    wow great ideas i get supplis and clothes but i never go out when its bad and i live in ga

    scares me is icw storms no pwer i need to get a lattern for house

    what scares me is fire i am so stiff getting ourt of house

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    Even if you can't use it or operate it yourself, Betheny, some things are great for the first person who comes to your rescue. Definitely the fire extinquisher for all 3 types of fires. Our last one was used when we were right behind a semi that flipped leaving an exit ramp. Jay was first to the cab and could smell diesel. Another guy helped get the driver out while Jay used both their extinquishers on the engine then connectors and I was the 3rd call into 911 on the cell and the first to report diesel smell. Got asked about whether it was a full or empty after that one. Had to be a very full but shifted load to flip that easily.

    Always a hat! And a long white cloth for flying out the window to indicate you need help. I used my sleeping bag on a trip to Duluth back in my AB days, definitely make sure you can deal with zippers or add bigger rings. If you have room get the guys at Home Depot to toss a few 50 pound bags of playground sand in your trunck or back of van where they aren't in the way. Also a foldable shovel. If you get stuck a good samaritan may get you unstuck cheaper than Triple A and it gives you a steadier rear in wind and on the slippery stuff. Donate sand in the spring to a playground because it slightly effects mpgs. If Dingo is along do you have a kennel for him? Good investment for emergencies so he isn't left in the car or you ever have to hit an emergency shelter after a storm. And yes, water and food for you both. A few chuxs in the cath bag too.
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    Please people, don't put bags of sand in your vehicles. It is hundreds of pounds flying around in your vehicle if it is out of control! If its a front wheel drive vehicle it just takes weight off the drive wheels. If it rear wheel drive it just throws it that much more out of control.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vjls View Post
    wow great ideas i get supplis and clothes but i never go out when its bad and i live in ga

    scares me is icw storms no pwer i need to get a lattern for house

    what scares me is fire i am so stiff getting ourt of house
    I have had one of the rechargeable battery operated coleman lanterns in the house for about 10 years now, it has come in handy many times. Kids are grown now and this Christmas I bought them one for their houses too.

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    Grab n' Goes etc.

    Hi Betheny,

    Here are a bunch of Grab n' Go backpack survival kits at Amazon that are good for ~5 years. Just throw one in the trunk and you have most everything you'll need in case of an emergency.

    I like This One in particular because it includes, among things like food and water:

    AM/FM and Weather Band (NOAA) radio, LED flashlight, and USB device charger that never needs batteries. It charges via hand-crank and solar panel. Use to charge your smartphone after a disaster so you can stay in touch with your family.

    Or Google for "backpack survival kits" and check out what other e-vendors are offering.

    This could be the base upon which you can build a complete emergency kit customized just for you and your particular needs. All the other recommendations are cool too.
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    What is the sand used for? I make sure I have water and my cell phone when I leave my house.
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    Some great ideas. I never got a sleeping bag, just carried a couple of blankets, but they would be warmer. I think I would still leave a blanket in the car. When we traveled a lot, I bought a big camera case and carried spare batteries and even bought a five inch tv for use in the car for the kids or whenever the electric went out at the house. I also bought a portable cb for the car and used it on trips. I kept all chargers in the bag too. It was easy to grab and go. The cb came in handy more than once. We were able to avoid major accidents, and go around them. It can take a lot of time waiting for a helicopter, tow truck/s, and an accident to be cleaned up. Being stuck in interstate traffic for hours is no fun. I always fill the gas tank up when it gets to half a tank too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wtf View Post
    What is the sand used for? I make sure I have water and my cell phone when I leave my house.
    Before front wheel drive, radial tires and common sense. People thought you put a bunch of weight in the back of your car and it gave you traction to go. It could on a rear wheel drive vehicle (pick up truck, or 56 Buick). Trouble is, it makes it that much harder to stop and if you slide sideways its that much more weight to push you out of control. Its like sex, for every one good thing that can happen, there's two bad.

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    Reviving a great old thread i just read today for the first time. I am ashamed to say that all I have is in my wheelchair packs, a few catheters, wallet, sanitizing gel and that is about it. The survival kit and emergency plug in charger sound like great ideas. Very useful thread.
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    Always carry 2 phone chargers in my backpack, regular wall plug in and one to plug into cigarette lighter. Also wonder if the cigarette lighter receptacle on my air compressor would be safe for cell phone charge. (Carry that complessor in van for possible wheelchair tire flat).
    Also carry Leatherman tool in backpack and most of the stuff mentioned, in my van.

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