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Thread: sliding shower benches

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    sliding shower benches

    I need a new shower bench (again). I have trouble from time to time with skin breakdown in the sacral area (more between the folds of the buttocks than on the skin over the sacrum) and sometimes superficial skin damage on the buttocks from transfers.

    I need to use a padded bench with cut-out for ease of washing. I had one but the legs on it broke and can't be adjusted. So I am currently using a hard plastic one with no cut out (just drainage holes). I transfer onto it from my over the toliet commode, which is right next to the bathtub. I can't completely clear my buttocks when transferring to it because there are no bars or handles that are close enough for me to reach in order to lift myself high enough. So there is some dragging and it's very bad for the skin.

    Medicaid will not pay for a padded cutout bench this time. They will only pay for the hard plastic type. So I will have to purchase a bench myself, and I want to make the right decision on what to get.

    I saw a sliding bench on a home health equipment website. It has a seat that goes over the toilet, then can slide over to the shower (there is also one that is used just in the tub). This sliding bench would reduce the amount of transfers I need to do. It comes padded and with a cut-out also. My question is:

    Can the sliding benches be used independently - or is help necessary to slide it over? The man on the phone (from the website) I spoke to seemed to think help was necessary - but then, he said most people who need this type of equipment aren't in any condition to take showers by themselves (guess he's not thinking of paraplegics).

    Thank you.

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    We offer 2 models, 1 with wheels and a Stationary Tub Slider, which we just came out with. You can see them at, click on "Products", then "Chairs".
    Rick Goldstein
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    Thank you, that looks very nice. What I wanted to know was - can a person operate the sliding char himself/herself. - or does someelse else need to push it over?

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    Both of ours can be operated (slid back and forth) without assistance, however, not having self-propellable wheels, the chair itself cannot be rolled around without someone to push it.
    Rick Goldstein
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