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Thread: Nicotine and burning?

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    Nicotine and burning?

    I used to chew tobacco and sometimes smoke before my injury. Now when I try it again everything below my injury burns like hell. It's almost like it is all trying to wakeup. Does anyone else have this happen to them?

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    yes, there was a thread about a week ago about smoking/sensation.

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    my 2 cents from a telephone man somehow i think what is experienced is low level neuropathic pain , times it 10x and it may be described as pain, and it can go up and up.
    when my neuropthic pain started it started as a weird sensation for lack of better word for it.
    and than it kept changing and intensifying

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    Smoking cigars makes my burning worse

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    Has not bothered me, wish I could stop though!

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    Vike, if you do a search for nicotine (either from the google bar or from the Find function), you will find dozens of people who have reported similar effects of tobacco. Wise.

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    I think nicotine, at least in its non-pure smoke or smokless forms, contains acetylcholine and this is what causes the burning. Wise?

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    Sue, nicotine stimulates an acetylcholine receptor called a nicotinic receptor. This receptor is present on parasympathetic tissues, including smooth muscles.

    This discussion is very very interesting and somebody really should test the hypothesis that smoking increases neuropathic pain. I would dearly love to know what kinds of neuropathic pain are responsive to nicotine because it would give us a clue concerning the mechanisms of neuropathic pain (at least in those people where it increases it).


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    Smoking used to make my legs tight, caused spasms, and would certainly cause the burn to be more pronounced. One of the many good reasons to cease using tobacco products.

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    to those who smoke: how long does it take to notice an effect after lighting up and how much do you smoke?

    for me it almost instant and i average about 3 cigs a day.

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