As some may or may not know.... I have been having a lot of issues with pain after I had a hernia repair and revision, both within a year. I ended up having an emergency appendectomy on October 18th of 2012. I was in the hospital/rehab until December 17th. I still am not able to eat solid food. Every time I try I vomit it up . This is not pleasant, pain wise or just generally. I am going back to see the surgeon next Thursday .

Last week when I was at the doctor for a follow up for something else, I had asked her if I could get a chest x-ray because while I was in therapy after the surgery, I ended up falling out of my chair and completely wrapping myself around the sideguard on my chair. She called me with the results and told me that they had spotted a lung nodule in my lung. I am going to get a CT next Wednesday, January 23rd, of this nodule. It is completely freaking me out!!! I would greatly appreciate any thoughts or prayers you could send me that this is nothing. Thank you so much everyone!!