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Thread: Paralyzed Rats Walk; Humans Next? Our Even-Steven not very excited:)lol

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    Paralyzed Rats Walk; Humans Next? Our Even-Steven not very excited:)lol

    Paralyzed Rats Walk; Humans Next? By Kristen Philipkoski
    Story location:,1286,67501,00.html

    02:00 AM May. 12, 2005 PT

    Researchers studying embryonic stem cells have published long-awaited data in a peer-reviewed journal, revealing how they enabled rats with crushed spinal cords to walk again. Spinal cord injury patients are hopeful, but they're not all celebrating just yet.

    The publication is certainly a step in a promising direction for the treatment of patients with damaged spinal cords. But the study found that the technique worked only on recently injured rats, not those with chronic injuries. The researchers say they hope to begin human clinical trials sometime soon, but the tests will likely study only newly injured patients.

    It's a disappointment to many patients who have been waiting for years for a treatment that might get them out of their wheelchairs. But the disappointment is not entirely unexpected.

    "I don't get too excited about much research nowadays," said Steven Edwards, 25, who injured his spinal cord in a car accident in 1996. "I think the research is good, but I think it's not the best there is out there. It's 3 years old, and there are other combination therapies that are showing as good or better results. I would rather see those in the news."

    Hans Keirstead, an assistant professor of anatomy and

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    Thanks Max. The original thread is called "Wired" and can be found here.

    Let's try to keep any discussion under one topic.

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