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    Pool filter

    I have had my pool for two years and I think my filter needs to be changed.

    How oftern do you change your pool filter??
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    Ohhh....I might be useful here. I used to run a pool comany. This is probably the one time in my life that this knowledge might be useful!

    I was also a former "Certified Pool Operator" from the NSPF (National Swimming Pool Foundation).

    Okay, so what type of filter? Sand? Cartridge? Size of your pool?
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    Haha, this is the greatest site in the world.

    The model is a Sta-Rite PTM-100. The best that I can match is this....

    T6 complete (or so I think), SCI since September 21, 2003

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    I change mine about every 24 months. Clean it every week in the summer and watch the PSI. It is a major pain in the ass, my next house will not have a pool!

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    After owning a pool , I learned never to buy something that you will NEVER stop paying for.

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    pools can be a huge pain in the ass! That said, if you keep up with them, cleaning, chemicals, maintanence, they can be great. If you take care of the filter it will last a long time. It has to be cleaned very well. It is best if you have two filters on hand one that is in use and a second to put in while u r cleaning the first. I always cleaned and scrubbed the filter with super hot water and a strong sprayer to get between the pleats. Filter cleaner is good to let it soak for an hour first in super hot water. Then the gunk tends to just slough off as u spray it. You have to make sure to get between each pleate. This is where the hair and sand is built up. Having two on hand makes it easier to take your time in cleaning the filter and not worrying about getting it back in the pool. Most important thing is to keep your chemicals up and the pool properly cleaned, this will prolong the use of the filters greatly.

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    We change ours every year, it gets cleaned monthly. However, keep in mind we are in Florida so we have no off season and utilize it all 12 months of the year.
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    How I wish pool maintenance was my only "drain" at present.

    Quote Originally Posted by paramoto View Post
    I have had my pool for two years and I think my filter needs to be changed.

    How oftern do you change your pool filter??
    Right now it's beautiful clear skies, very sunny, yet the outside air temp is friggin 26 degrees. My beautiful in-ground pool/ waterfall is a damn block of ice. I only get the benefit of the pool 3 months per year, and when I do, I really don't: I replaced my existing semi-inground with a new one that includes a an automated salt generator. Many thousands later I haven't used it myself, and probably never will. Still, I consider it one of my better investments (poor choice of words), eh, cash drains. The only big costs are up front, and for the gadgetry and salt once each year. I solved the big cleaning bills by taking away the immediate trees and getting an aqua-bot. As a c4/5, my summertime maintenance consists of pushing the "shock" button weekly, or another button to adjust the levels, and having someone throw the aquabot in.
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    replacing the cartridge every 2 yrs is about right, if you dont open it up and clean it every month it will last less, and you will definitly have poor pressure out into the pool. Unlike what others just said,I love having a pool. Then again im in south florida. Not a pain at all, before hurt i cleaned it weekly, took water sample around corner to pool co. they told me what to add for that week. Now i have a pool guy do it all.
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