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Thread: Beating the cost of eyeglasses

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    Beating the cost of eyeglasses

    Those of you who wear glasses know how ridiculous the prices are at places like Lenscrafters and Sansbury. I stopped at one of them (Foline) earlier this week to get my new Rx filled. Actually I just stopped for an estimate. I hate wearing glasses. They are a big bother but I need them more and more in my old age. Because I do not want to feel them on my nose, etc. I get frames and lenses that are light weight. They will spend half their life falling to the floor, and possibly getting run over when I look to see where they fell. So I get titanium frames with indestructible lenses, scratch proofing, and when those things fail, free replacement. Forget the fashion issues. I want function. Well, by the time the technician (?) got finished with her calculator the total cost was $471 after a 20% discount. Lol I thanked her for her time and said that I was going to check out some others.

    I did. I went online as I have done the past few years and found comparable glasses for $123 to $149. People who have a non-complicated prescription are crazy for paying those inflated prices charged by the chains. I have had no problems with the previous 2 pairs I got online. Reputable places will require a faxed valid prescription. Most of our friends are starting to do this. Because eyeglasses are not covered by most insurances and Medicare this is a way to save serious $$ and get the maximum bang for the buck.
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    Try Warby Parker:

    They are an online retailer for frames and prescription lenses. They will send you 5 frames of your choice (free shipping both ways) for you to try.

    I prefer all plastic frames without those irritating nose pads. They have a good selection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gjnl View Post
    Try Warby Parker:

    They are an online retailer for frames and prescription lenses. They will send you 5 frames of your choice (free shipping both ways) for you to try.

    I prefer all plastic frames without those irritating nose pads. They have a good selection.

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    Just heard a story today on NPR about Warby Parker--sounds like a great cost saving alternative to Lenscrafters and the like.
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    Costco is has frames and lenses at reasonable prices.
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    I use this place I have been very pleased with the service.

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    A hint for those that really need to scrimp.

    Look at goodwill for frames. Or ask at a church or other charitable organization that may have donated frames. If fashion isn't an issue, all you need to do is pay for new lenses.

    Lenscrafters also has a policy of asking their customers if they want to donate their old glasses. These usually go to Africa, but the store manager has the discretion to give them to you if you explain that you are on Medicare and simply cant afford the glasses. And since they will be selling you lenses, it's a sale that would otherwise walk out the door.
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    Yep they charge a ton, i got lucky and found some nice frames yesterday for $2.00 to be my next pair.
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    I got tired of glasses/contacts and ended up getting lasik. Best move I ever made. It's one of those things that you find yourself saying "why didn't I do this earlier?" I know it cost a lot of money, but if you can find the means to do it, I highly recommend it. I saw a 60 minute special where they said most of the big chain eyeglass places are owned by the same company, including Lenscrafters, hence the ridiculous prices.

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    Luxottica Group

    60 minutes did a segment on eye wear and why does it cost so much since eye wear has been around for such a long time? Luxottica Group owns about 90% of the eye wear brands so you are locked into their pricing.

    I have purchased my eye wear online for the last 8 years or so.

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    I had cataract surgery about 1-1/2 yrs ago. That was covered by insurance. Now I have 20/30 in both eyes. No more glasses.

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