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    When David was in the hospital a few weeks ago with the uti and sepsis, they said he had kidney stones. I asked what they intended to do about them and 2 doctors opinions were to do nothing. They said he would only have them again in 6 months so if they did not cause problems they leave them. I don't know enough about it but would they leave someone who is not paralyzed with stones or do something for them. It has me concerned since they said the stones could have caused the uti. Any ideas?
    DavesMom, Diane

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    get a second opinion!
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    They always left mine when I was able to walk. Most pass, some hurt like hell when they do. The more important question is, is are stones going to be a chronic condition? Mine are because of medication I take. The antidote for me is to drink plenty of fluids.
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    From New Mobility Magazine:'

    Bladder Matters: Removing — or Avoiding — Painful Kidney Stones

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    Chris has two kidney stones. They just monitor them, as long as they aren't moving they aren't going to cause any trouble.
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    They see if they pass but they don't do anything if they are not obstrucing the drainage..until they get about 1 cm, then they try and zap them or whatever is appropriate but they are caused by infectious material in SCI. CWO

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    kidney stones

    Thanks for that article Gjnl. I will keep that close by for referring to. My son is a T5 paraplegic and does not feel anything in that area.
    CWO, thank you too for the information.
    DavesMom, Diane

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