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Thread: Cushion question

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    Cushion question

    Need some advice/experience/wisdom...planning on getting a solid-bottom w/c soon (specifically an Icon A1), and need to get a cushion also. I currently have a Quickie GT with a Jay Xtreme cushion, but it's somewhat heavy with the gel pack and all. My thinking is that the honeycomb structure cushions would hold up better, and definitely be lighter in weight, easier to handle, etc. Does anyone have a recommendation for a honeycomb cushion??? Please share your advice/experience/wisdom as I only have experience with sling-seat w/c up to this point. Many thanks for any and all input, have a great afternoon.


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    Is there more than one brand of honeycomb besides Stimulite? Stimulite offers several styles, but in the end does it really make much of a difference which one a person picks as long as it has the extra soft option top layer or not?
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    I think that Supracor is the only company making honeycomb cushions but I'm still checking. And yes I agree that you MUST have the extra soft top layer for it to be a workable cushion. Thanks for the input nonoise...

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    Only stimulite as far as I know, but they do have quite a few choices. I think individual positioning needs help determine that. The contour cushion is obviously going to hold you in the same position more than the flat top versions, those with greater risk of skin breakdown will receive more protection with the taller options. Someone who is currently on a high cushion might not want a short one (and vice versa) since it will change the current settings of their wheelchair. Or someone might want the opposite of their current height to do just that.

    What cushion will be best for you depends on what you're looking for.
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    i wish they had the damn xs option back when i ordered my stimulite classic. i may have liked it. the regular one felt like i was sitting on a wooden park bench...HARD. i even bought a used broken in one off ebay and it was still hard. ended up selling mine. i'm sure that the xs cover makes them feel way better.

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    Definitely will get XS option as I have a somewhat bony butt and will need a small bit of cushion/comfort anyways...still looking at the different models but leaning towards the Slimline XS...thanks for all the input folks, ya'll have a great afternoon
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