I've been using USAA for over 20 years. Their customer service is outstanding, second to none. I have auto and home insurance, and have had claims on both. I was even covered for auto insurance while stationed in Germany. My mortgage and pre-approved auto loan were from them as well. You can get approval for a loan online in just minutes and print out a check to take to the dealer.

They pay you back for the first 10 ATM fees every month. If you bank with them, you can deposit checks by scanning the check or by photographing it with a smartphone. I set up free pre-paid credit cards for my kids and give them their allowance through the card. You can set up multiple sub accounts whether checking or savings so my wife and I have a household account for everything budgeted and individual "fun money" accounts as well as savings and the main account which is only used to receive deposits that are automatically transferred to the household account. That way, in the case of fraud from any deposits, I am safe.

Their online site is amazing. You can do almost everything online. I've only needed (not just wanted, you can do that too) to talk to a rep for claims.

I don't have life insurance with them. VGLI and supplemental VA insurance is all that will cover me with my level of disability.