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Thread: I need advice on buying a gun

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    What's your price range?

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    I also post this for the "holy shit" factor. On a side note, Bob Munden just died a few weeks ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RDHD View Post
    If you want a more powerful gun, but only pull using one hand (and it's weak) I advise that you purchase a full length barrel hand gun (I'm assuming you are talking about pistols) if it is an automatic. A compact or subcompact have shorter barrels, and are rowdier because of it. I find that Sigs, Kimbers, HKs and Springfields have the easiest pulls on their triggers as far as automatics I have used. But, a revolver of any sort will be the least rowdy and easiest to control with a single hand.

    You should really go to a range and rent a few guns in higher calibers and test them until you find one you are most comfortable with - a gun is a VERY personal choice. I carry a .40 but wouldn't advise it if you can't control it.

    Thanks for your advise. The guy who set me up with the 22 must of been thinking the same thing because it has a long barrel. I'm hoping to go soon to the range. Thanks!

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    If you are interested in a bit of fun and challenge once you get comfortable at the range with your new gun, the NRA allows accommodation for disabilities at their competitions. You do not have to be a member to participate, but memberships for disabled veterans have a significant discount.

    Disabled Shooting Services
    In accordance with Rule 13, competitors with physical disabilities, who are unable to achieve the required shooting positions or use special adaptive equipment, are required to apply for a medical waiver. To see the NRA's Adaptive Shooting Positions click here.

    The medical waiver application is fairly simple and consists of two forms. The first form is a Competitor Application and should be filled out by the shooter. The second form is a Medical Form and must be completed by the physician. Each applicant must submit the completed forms along with pictures and other relevant information.

    Once received, the applications are reviewed by the NRA Protest Committee. After approving the application, the competitor will receive a card authorizing them to use the adapted position or equipment and must present that card to the Match Director prior to the start of the competition.
    Reduced trigger pull is one of the allowed accommodations.

    Here is a link to find local matches.

    If there are no matches you can travel to, the postal matches program allows you to shoot at your local range.

    Finally, some advice: a firearm that is most suitable for home defense or personal protection is rarely the same as a firearm optimized for competitive shooting. I would strongly recommend going with two different firearms.

    No mater what you choose, practice using the weapon in the scenarios that you intend to use it. For home defense, that includes retrieving the weapon and placing yourself in a defensive position. For concealed carry, you need to practice drawing and target acquisition. With every gun, you need regular range time. A box of bullets once a week is a dead minimum.
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